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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Monday, October 24, 2005



has anybody ever done that?
(sneeze after saying "pika". . therefore creating a pikachu sneeze :D)

Sunday, October 23, 2005


awww :) aren't they awesome :)

i used to have dogz when they made it for macs.

^ these are from dogz 2, that i have to play on windows :P

Poppy phone

i really want this phone!! it has a flower and it's so nice :)!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


ohh :D he's so pretty!!! :D :D <3!!!!

Leeds NaNoWriMo

Official NaNoWriMo 2005 Participant

hi. .

wow, today was a crazy day. i can't really remember most of it, so much happened :P

but yeah, i went to sleep at about. . 4/5am this morning. and i got up before 9am so i could get the bus at 10. and it was surprisingly easy, considering how little sleep i had!!

so i met Rich on the bus, and i was feeling kinda hyper/sleep-drunkish slightly. and we got off at morrison's to buy breakfast :D except we just bought a pineapple and a big 2 litre bottle of evian.

and magazines!!!!
(cosmopolitan and easy living)

and then we walked to stringstocks to enquire about the cost of the guitar he is going to get for christmas (Ibanez ICX220, aka "a beyst black ibanez iceman"), and because he used to work there he gets a £9 discount ;) bargainous. :D

but then i was really hungry still, having had no breakfast. so we went to walk up to superdrugs but got distracted by hollands and barratts because it's such an awesome shop. so we went inside and i bought chocolate and wafers.

and then we went to superdrugs and i bought some softmints and 2 packets of umm those nice crisps that taste nice.

and then i think we went to the train station? oh, we went to woolworths before holland and barratts too but they didn't really sell much food so no purchasing there.

so we then went to get the train to leeds. and it was a fast train! and we had to sit backwards due to lack of seats available.

and then we got to leeds and it was cold, and we walked around for a while trying to find the right waterstones place with the cafe, where we went to meet other people doing NaNoWriMo :P (the pineapple we bought earlier was our identification. . everybody brought some fruit)

so then we went to the right cafe and ordered a cappuchino for Rich and peppermint tea for me. and it was really scary because we had like an hour to wait until the other people turned up and i got quite hysterical :P and we read some of my magazines kinda. and i put some wafers into my peppermint tea and it went all mouldy and gross.

and we daren't put the pineapple on the table so i asked Rich to pass it to me and he did, under the table :P so then i put it on the table and it was still in the morrisons bag, but kinda visible but not fully.

and then loads of people arrived and they had fruit!! and we talked to them for a while kinda. i guess we were quite shy lol :)

"we met this guy called Ed (above), who has hair like sean [insert senaus pic] and he had a hat with a lime in it! and teh lime had liek this cool hat made from a receipt :)" says Rich. :D



and then eventually we left and Rich bought a pretty shirt with waves on it and it is nice :)

but it was very overwhelming slightly kinda. it was nice when we got back, away from all the people and trains and loud noises and stuff.

so yes, it was a very interesting day!!! the NaNo people were quite like how i thought they would be. . they were nice of course, hmm i don't know how to explain.

but yeah, i am glad we went :D it was fascinating!!!!! :)

i don't think i want to go to another meet anytime soon though :P

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


i am currently attempting to grow pansies and cactuses, they are on my windowsill now. they come in cans, like drink. . except, there is wood stuff and seeds inside them. my delicious boyfriend bought them for me a while ago :) but i was scared of planting them because the last pansy can i had, i kinda forgot to water it and they dried up slightly (lots) and then my mum got rid of them.

but i am going to try to be more attentive to their needs this time :)

here are some pictures of pansies and cacti:


  • 23rd October - pansy leaves are showing, no sign of cact0rzes yet

  • 24th October - pansies have grown lots, they are almost 1cm tall.
    where are cacti?
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